Lake Charles LNG and the Calcasieu Parish School Board team up for Prien Lake Elementary Road Safety Project

South of the I-210 corridor, thoroughfares like Nelson Road can experience heavy traffic congestion, particularly in local school zones during prime drive hours. Lake Charles LNG is teaming up with the Calcasieu Parish School Board to help improve traffic flow on Nelson Road by providing a $200,000 donation, combined with matching funds from the School Board, to build a dedicated student drop-off/pick-up zone on the Prien Lake Elementary School campus.

The project is intended to help alleviate congestion during student drop-off and pick-up hours by adding a driveway from Nelson Road that will lead to a designated staging area behind Prien Lake Elementary.

“Lake Charles LNG is pleased to be able to collaborate with the Calcasieu Parish School Board on an initiative that has the potential to benefit so many members of the community,” said Jason Klein, Shell’s Vice President of the Lake Charles LNG Project. “The completed project should help reduce traffic congestion on Nelson Road, while providing a safe zone for parents and caregivers to drop off and pick up their children.”

“We would like to extend our deepest appreciation for the generosity of Lake Charles LNG,” said Karl Bruchhaus, Calcasieu Parish School Board Superintendent. “The project will make one of our highest populated elementary schools a safer place for families to access, while alleviating traffic congestion for other community members traveling in the area.”

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