Lake Charles LNG's community investment program is focused on technical and vocational training as these are important skills for people seeking employment in the energy and related sectors. We work with expert partners with a proven track record of delivering impactful community programs. We also dedicate a proportion of our community investment portfolio to charitable donations, sponsorships and volunteer initiatives.

Lake Charles LNG team gets feet wet in Sabine National Wildlife Refuge

About 40 members of the Lake Charles LNG team got an up-close view of the region’s wetlands by participating in a day of habitat restoration at the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge. The November 7th opportunity was arranged through The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USF&WS). The USF&WS manages more than 500 National Wildlife Refuges, including Sabine, which at 125,000 acres is one of the largest on the Gulf Coast.

Volunteers were greeted by TNC and USF&WS personnel at the refuge’s Nature Trail, which is located just south of refuge headquarters on Highway 27. About 40,000 visitors walk the Nature Trail every year. After a detailed information session and safety briefing, team members went to work cutting and piling an invasive cane species that has taken over parts of the refuge. Using loppers and saws, volunteers cleared sight lines in the cane so visitors can more easily see the birds, alligators and other wildlife that call the refuge home.

Process Technology and Industrial Instrumentation Dual-Enrollment Programs

Partnering with SOWELA Technical Community College and the Lake Charles Boston Academy, Lake Charles LNG has provided more than $500,000 to help high school students gain industry qualifications and pursue careers in LNG operations. Under the Louisiana Department of Education’s recent Jump Start initiative, high school students will need to meet strengthened graduation requirements and obtain these industry-based qualifications in order to receive Career Diplomas. Funds from Lake Charles LNG will provide the equipment and materials to introduce new classes required for industry-based qualifications in process technology and industrial instrumentation, as well as extend industry engagement and career coaching to inspire and support students to go on to further education and careers in these fields.

Road Safety Initiatives

Lake Charles LNG is working with the Calcasieu Parish School Board (CPSB) to help improve traffic flow in and out of Prien Lake Elementary School by providing a $200,000 donation, paired with matching funds from CPSB, to build a new student drop-off/pick-up area. The project will not only provide a safer environment for students, but it will also help alleviate congestion on Nelson Road during prime drive hours. The benefits of this project will directly affect many of the community members by greatly improving traffic flow on one of the city’s busiest streets.

Craft Scholarships

Lake Charles LNG donated $100,000 to the Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana’s Workforce Development Fund to enable unemployed or underemployed individuals to pursue the craft training necessary to apply for a job in support of area industry. The funding provided scholarships for a 12-week structural welder course at SOWELA Technical Community College. The donation covers tuition and support services to overcome employment barriers.

Charitable Donations and Sponsorships
In 2015, the Lake Charles LNG Charitable Donations and Sponsorship Program awarded the Family & Youth Counseling Agency $10,000 to support their 2016 Connections Count Professional Development Conference and Career Exploration Series. In February, a total of 260 participants, including social workers, counselors, therapists, nurses, volunteers and law enforcement professionals, had the opportunity to enhance their skills, network and earn continuing education credit.

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